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CONNECTEC RCA Mini 59 (Multiple Colors)

Series: Liberty-AV-Solutions

Model: CM-RGB23-RCA

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Adding to its extensive line of connectivity solutions, Liberty is pleased to introduce its new line of QuickLinx™ Solid center conductor 25 and 23 AWG Mini RGBHV cables and ConnecTec™ 25 and 23 AWG single piece compression connectors.The solid center conductor construction provides better performance, in regards to signal distance and frequency response, than the typical stranded center conductor cables in the market. The solid 25 AWG cable is great for longer RGBHV cable runs and the solid 23 AWG RGBHV cable is swept to 3 GHz. The 23 AWG cable is perfect for short run, HD applications and offers premium performance for all analog video applications. Liberty also has a 23 AWG serial digital single coax legacy product, from which the RGBHV design is based upon. This HD cable is swept to 4.5 GHz.The solid center conductor allows the use of a 1-piece connector as in our successful ConnecTec™ RG59 and RG6 series. Usually, mini RGB cables have stranded center conductors and need a 3 and 4 piece connector for successful termination. The one-piece connector enables an installer to realize the time savings enjoyed on the RG59/6 cables. The ConnecTec™ BNC connectors for these new cables are available in nickel plated versions and the RCA connectors are available in both nickel and gold plated versions.
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