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ADK Pro Audio - RME MADI Bridge
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8x64 Channel MADI Switcher/Router

Model: RME MADI Bridge

  • MADI Multinorm
  • RME Remote -Instant Memory
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Developed as the optimal missing link between MADI devices of any manufacturer, RMEs MADI Bridge is patchbay, distributor, signal buffer and input selector, all at the same time - and thus mandatory for every MADI user. Up to 16 devices can be freely connected with each other by 6 coaxial (BNC) and 2 optical in- and output pairs. Thanks to an intuitive and easy to navigate user interface, the device is easy to understand and to operate. The MADI Bridge adds to RMEs MADI series as a comfortable, even MIDI controlled device management solution - as always with RME for a sensational low price!

All input signals are routed unaltered to the desired outputs. Like this, the MADI Bridge supports any format, no matter if it is 56 or 64 channels or includes special invisible control commands, any sample rates and even out-of-spec data rates or violations of the MADI protocol. Thanks to a special equalizing and highly sensitive input stages, coaxial cable lengths of 100 m can be used - even between several devices.

The MADI Converter is an ideal companion to RME's MADI Bridge, converting the Bridge's six coaxial inputs and outputs to optical. The optical format is advantageous in live and installed setups, and for longer cable lengths. The MADI Bridge can be placed above the MADI Converter ideally; the coaxial in- and outputs of the two devices will be right next to each other vertically, and can be connected with short patch cables easily.

  • MADI Multinorm
  • RME Remote -Instant Memory
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